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You Still Need an Attorney in North Carolina for a Simple No-Contest Divorce

The road to divorce can seem like a confusing and uncharted journey. Divorce questions and uncertainties can feel overwhelming. John Walker, Attorney provides information of the divorce process of an uncontested divorce in North Carolina so that you can decide if an uncontested divorce is right for you, your spouse and your children.

And there are many divorce web sites on the internet and some that indicate they can get a divorce in all 50 states.

You Still Need an Attorney for Your DivorceBe careful that they are not charging you a fee for only mailing you the papers and forms and then leave you by yourself to file court documents and pay the court fees.

Second, there are many differences between the states and the laws as they relate to grounds for divorce, eligibility for divorce, jurisdiction for divorce and the time limitations for filing various legal documents in the process of getting the divorce.

The multi state web-sites will frequently disappoint the person seeking a divorce and you are not at all likely to speak to a family law North Carolina lawyer who can give you correct information as it pertains to North Carolina law. Erroneous information can readily cost you the loss of your incurred expenses and inconvenience invested before your case is dismissed but can produce very expensive losses and missed opportunities and further result in large legal expenses you might have otherwise avoided.

Just a few of these erroneous divorce statements are mentioned below:

■ "If both parties currently reside in the state, then there is no time period required" This is false according to North Carolina law.
■ "WAITING PERIOD: North Carolina law requires that when utilizing the simplified divorce procedure, thirty (30) days must elapse from the commencement of the before the court will consider entering a judgment of dissolution of marriage." This is false according to North Carolina law.
■ "You and your spouse must agree to the property and debt division and memorialize your agreement in the Marital Separation Agreement" This is false according to North Carolina law.
■ "You attend your Final Hearing" This is false according to North Carolina law.
■ "Simply print and sign your Divorce Papers and take them down to your local county courthouse. That's it." This is false according to North Carolina law.

On the positive side of obtaining your simple no contest or uncontested divorce, John Walker's Divorce Clinic will ensure that you and your spouse meet the family law legal divorce requirements of North Carolina.

The Divorce Clinic will prepare the necessary legal documents and mail them to you for your signature. Visit "The Six (6) Easy Steps For a Divorce" for more information.

John Walker's Divorce Clinic will in most cases mail the summons directly to your spouse for their signature. In most instances the spouse signs and returns the papers promptly and without expense. When a spouse does not choose to sign the document, the Divorce Clinic will have the sheriff serve the summons to your spouse that will be issued by the Clerk of Court.

And finally, once the judge has signed the divorce judgment, then we will mail true copies of the Divorce Judgment with the court seal to both the husband and the wife.

When you are facing family law decisions, you should hire a family law attorney who will provide friendly, straight-forward North Carolina divorce information. Our law firm's success is based on servicing our clients quickly and efficiently.

Regarding uncontested divorce proceedings, it is not difficult to obtain a North Carolina uncontested divorce. However, because there might be spousal support, child custody or child support or property division issues it is important to know the process with an experienced divorce attorney before starting. At our law offices, we take the time to answer your questions and explain how an uncontested divorce works.
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